Supporting Schools

At Quick Brown Fox Bookshop we are committed to providing schools and teachers with high quality literature to support the growth and development of young minds.  

We offer a variety of services to schools, teachers and Teacher Librarians including:

Teacher Librarian Networking 

Book Chats

We host a Teacher Librarian Book Chat every every term. We share new release books including picture books, early readers, middle readers and non-fiction books.    All Teacher Librarians are welcome to attend.  Contact Quick Brown Fox Bookshop to add your name to our contact list and check out our events page for upcoming dates.

Read Between The Wines Networking Event

We host a network event each term for Teacher Librarians and Educators. We invite 3 authors to talk to the group about their books and what they would be able to offer schools during a school visit.

Book Chats for teachers 

We are able to offer after school book chats and a space for teachers or staff groups as professional development opportunities.  Contact Quick Brown Fox to discuss your needs in regards to PD. 

Curated Book Subscriptions for schools 

Schools are invited to work with us to create your very own curated book subscription to support your book and resource purchases throughout the year.

How It Works:

  1. Budget Allocation: At the beginning of the year, you have the flexibility to decide on your Curated Book Subscription budget.  This ensures that you have a budget that aligns with your specific needs and goals for the year.
  2. Contact Us: Once you have your budget in mind, please reach out to us, and we will promptly invoice you and credit your account accordingly.
  3. Year-Long Access: With this budget, you have the freedom to curate your selection of books throughout the entire year. As you spend your Curated Book Subscription, we will provide updates on your remaining balance. We can also accommodate top-ups during the year.
  4. Maximizing your budget” If, by some incredible chance, you find that you still have funds in your account at the end of the year, we will work with you to connect with the books you might have missed and ensure your budget is maximized.
  5. Discount Opportunities: Whenever possible, we will offer a range of titles at significant discounts to make the most of your budget.

Advantages to You:

  1. Curate Your Collection: You retain control, selecting the books that best suit your community’s needs.
  2. Expert Guidance: We offer booksellers’ advice during network events or via personalized chats, ensuring you make informed choices.
  3. Budget Control: Manage your spending and stay within your budget.
  4. Local Delivery: If you are located in the Brisbane area, enjoy personalized delivery of your selected books.
  5. Discount Opportunities: Take advantage of percentage discounts whenever possible.
  6. Year-Long Coverage: Your budget covers the entire year, even when those enticing October releases hit the shelves, ensuring you have funds available.
  7. Support Local Business: By choosing our Curated Book Subscription, you directly support a local business.
  8. Personalized Attention: We genuinely care about you, your students, your staff, and your community, providing the personalized service you deserve.

We are eager to discuss how our Curated Book Subscription service can align with your needs and goals for the year. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a conversation about how we can work together to enhance your school’s library collection in the coming year.

Discounts for school orders

We can work with schools and early learning centres to provide quotes and discuss special orders for school, library and classroom needs. We offer order discounts for schools and early learning centres orders.

We can create school and educational customer accounts and provide invoices for all purchases.

Instore Book Fairs for Schools

Why choose an INSTORE Book Fair?

  • It is an easy way to promote literacy and raise funds at the same time for your school library
  • Holding an ‘in store’ even means that parents and students can choose from a wide range of books and can choose a time convenient for them
  • Parents and students can access the knowledge of the staff to help them make good literature choices
  • The school will receive 15% of all purchases to spend on books for the library
  • This is a great way to build community interest in their local book shop 

Contact Quick Brown Fox Bookshop to discuss dates for your In-Store Bookshop Fair.  To ensure that we have stock we will need to take bookings at least a month before the fair will be held. 

School Book Fairs

If schools would like a Book Fair at their school, please contact us to discuss your needs and possible dates. 


We do all the hard work – we bump in and pack down at the start and end of the bookfair (duration to be nominated by school, the longest we could offer is 1 school week: bump in Monday morning and pack-down Friday afternoon).

We can make ourselves available to come in and do the selling at pre-arranged times, which takes the pressure off library and other staff to do all the selling.

We can curate the book fair just for your school and can also offer a selection of eg books for adults.


And the best part is 20% of total sales is saved as credit for the school to spend instore on new books for the library.

Touring Authors

When Authors are available, we will offer local author tours.  We will connect with local schools seeking interest in a visit by the author.  Schools must guarantee the sale of 10 books to secure a visit.  The Author will be available for approximately 1 hour and they can meet with a number of classes, sign books, answer questions and possible a quick activity.

School Excursions 

We can offer schools and early learning centers the chance to visit our store for a planned excursion.  This might be part of a HASS unit or a beginning of the year or an end-of-year excursions.  

Schools can make use of our space to hold small group learning opportunities including Readers Cup meetings.

Contact Quick Brown Fox Bookshop if you wish to organise a class excursion to our store. We can provide a risk assessment form for your excursion requirements. 

School Award Prizes

Schools can purchase our Gift Vouchers to provide end of year awards.  We can also organise to provide opportunities for award recipients to come and choose their book prize in store. 

Contact us if you wish to purchase gift vouchers. 

Prizes & Donations

We ask that you make contact with us if you require a voucher or prize pack for an event,  Contact us via email or drop event details in-store, and we will get back to you if we are able to provide a donation.

Please also consider asking your local, state, or federal members to donate a gift voucher for your next school or community event.

A number of schools purchase our vouchers for prizes for events such as Book Week and End Of Year gifts.