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8 Great Reasons to Join A Bookclub

Here are some great reasons for joining a Bookclub.

Bookclubs are a great place for social interaction. Reading as a social activity can bridge differences of opinion and enable people to come together to talk and discuss ideas and views in a healthy and enjoyable space.

Bookclubs help you to discover and read books that you may have otherwise completely overlooked. These books may expand your horizons, bring an idea or situation into a different focus and help you understand differing viewpoints.

Bookclubs give you an opportunity to share your favourite book with new and old friends. You get to share your favourite characters and events that you have been dying to share with others.

Bookclubs give you a deadline. Having a deadline gives you reason to prioritise some time for yourself even in our busy world.

Bookclubs get you reading. There are many studies highlighting that reading is good for your brain. Results indicate that reading strengthens the physical structure of the brain and the social soft skills like intelligence and empathy.

Bookclubs are where you can engage in healthy, respectful debates. Hearing how other readers’ see the world and interpret the same story helps us to change and reflect our own ideas about what a book means.

Bookclubs give us a reason to eat and drink. Food, drink, reading and chatting are all great reasons for joining a Bookclub.

Bookclubs give us a chance to meet new people. In this relaxed and welcoming space you can meet new people, make new friends and connect with all sorts of people. Bookclubs give you a low key, relaxed, inexpensive way to get together on a regular basis.