Quick Brown Fox Story Time

Children are instinctively drawn to a book.  From an early age children gain fundamental understandings about the world around them through the stories that are read to them.  They are introduced to people, places, creatures and cultures that encourage empathy and appreciation.  Having stories read to them encourages curiosity and imagination and gets them thinking about the settings, the characters and the unfolding story.  

At Quick Brown Fox Bookshop we know how important it is to read to children.   Books, stories, images and illustrations stimulate a child’s imagination and help to expand their understanding of the world.  Through stories children learn about life, the world, and themselves.  Storytelling provides opportunities to learn new ideas and information.  

Sparking a passion for reading from an early age is the key to a child’s development.   

Quick Brown Fox Bookshop holds free Story Time on:

Every Tuesday, starting at 9:30am

Every Friday, starting at 9:30am 

No bookings are required.