The Reading Den: The Story Thief
Tuesday 25 June at 6:15 -7:15 pm

A Book Club for 18+

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About the Book:

An elegant blend of fact and fiction, The Story Thief is a stirring drama set against pivotal moments in Australian history, about a young woman who discovers her family’s story has been appropriated by Henry Lawson for his famous tale, The Drover’s Wife.

‘Brimming with evocative, authentic detail, The Story Thief brings a fresh, feminist perspective to Australian literature and art. Australian historical fiction at its finest.’ Liane Moriarty

‘A richly textured and immersive novel filled with defining moments, minute detail and compelling insights into the meaning of loss, love and family.’ Nicole Alexander

‘Vividly drawn – a delightful book.’ Wendy Sharpe, multi-award winning Australian artist

Her family’s story made Henry Lawson famous. But was it his story to tell? Fact and fiction meld into one in this stirring family saga set against shifting landscapes and pivotal moments in Australian history.

Lillian was born in 1892, the same year Henry Lawson wrote ‘The Drover’s Wife’ and cemented his place in Australia’s literary canon. When Lillian reads the short story as a teenager, she is convinced that it is based upon her own family and becomes determined to prove it.

But as the years pass, the truth becomes more problematic, and Lillian must decide what is more important: holding onto the past or embracing the future. The Story Thief is about mothers and daughters, love, loss and the power of words. Ultimately it is about how each of us must find our own way to live.