Fox Tales: Adromache Between Worlds
Wednesday 1 May 3:30-4:30pm

This is a new Book Club in 2024

This is for 10-14 year olds   The content of the books chosen here will still be filled with lots of fantasy, real life events or mystery.  However, the content and issues faced in the books will require the members of this group to be well read and have a growing maturity around the a variety of more complex issues.

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About the book:

A modern trans-Pacific twist on Pride and Prejudice, from an authentic team of debut authors who know their material, and deliver it heartwarmingly and hilariously. 

Inspired by Pride and Prejudice this modern tale captures the spirit and energy of Austen’s original satire of manners, while updating and developing it for contemporary audiences, coming of age in the 2020s. 

The quiet coastal community of Pippi Beach is rocked when a party of young Hollywood movie stars and influencers arrives for the summer. Like most of the locals, mum Lydia is thrilled but her teenage daughter Lily finds the Hollywood types are superficial and arrogant – especially Dorian Khan, the most famous of them all. Lily’s opinion is confirmed by handsome backpacker Alex, who has quite the story about Dorian’s past. 

On a holiday to Los Angeles, Lily stays with family friend Wilson, an ambitious player who introduces her to powerful movie producer Stacy Black. Lily is in turns amused and appalled by the excesses of the movie business, and more than a little surprised when Dorian Khan seeks her out. 

Could they actually become friends? And what’s more, has she been what she hopes never to be … stupid?